Uses of brown glass bottles

May 17, 2021

Brown glass bottles are a good choice for holding light-proof products; colored substances can absorb part of the wavelength of visible light, and the unabsorbed part is its color. It is also said that the light not absorbed by the brown bottle is brown, and the light passing through the bottle is also brown. Because the energy of brown light is low, it is difficult to trigger a photochemical reaction. So use a brown bottle. As for why the brown bottle absorbs more light, it is related to the composition and structure of the substance. The brown glass bottles can be exposed to the sun, which will greatly protect the quality of the products; and our company currently sells brown glass bottles; they are generally used for liquid products.

There are many colors of glass bottles, but the common ones are transparent and brown; brown can avoid light; it is obvious to all. Brown glass bottles have no special requirements for light, but the color of the product is not beautiful. Brown glass bottles are also particularly suitable for holding There are many types of brown glass bottles, such as slender, beautiful, patterned, light weight, etc.; brown glass bottles are very versatile, from daily necessities to food; almost every field will be involved

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